We went to Austin and spent time with the people that helped us make Magnetic Moves. Mom was doing the writing. We stayed with a Great Dane named Nina which scared me a lot and I yelled at often. However, when we patrolled the yard and went for walks, we were friends.


Nina is much big.


I’ve been touring. It’s been exciting. Let me tell you about the bus. The bus is a giant hallway that moves down the road like the car. And we live in the hallway with other people. When it moves it is very loud and thing rattle. And it scared me a lot at first but I got used to it.

Stuck in Chicago

As you know,  I’m a very frequent flier. But in recently in my travels with mom, we had a brand new type of adventure. Normally after we get on the first plane, we take a short break and get on the second plane. But this time, after the first plane we talked to all these people and then went to a hotel. I’ve stayed in plenty of hotels but it was so strange because mom didn’t have a any pajamas and I didn’t have any food. This really worked out in my favor because I got to eat chicken for dinner.

Everyone was talking about the weather and, while I really hate the snow, I didn’t know airplanes also didn’t like the snow. I guess I have more in common with airplanes than I thought.

Anyway, so Katie and I slept in a hotel and then we went back to the airport to finish our journey. I didn’t mind except the chicken made me make a messy poop in the airport and I was ashamed. But Katie reassured me it wasn’t my fault so it was fine.


I helped mom record her record. We went to Austin, which as a new adventure in itself. I have never been to Austin but always wanted to go. We didn’t get to do anything at all though because we just stayed at The Finishing School. We even slept there. It was ok. There was a backyard and lots of people to play with me. Here are some photos:

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We flew back to Kentucky. Katie has been rehearsing, making lots of sound. I know she’s going on tour, I just don’t know when.

But the last few days have been a lot of fun because we’ve been playing with the nieces. The nieces are two people that I knew from their beginning. They are the only people I’ve ever known from their beginning. They get bigger every time we come home but they are still tiny. Their names are Wren and Lilou. They are crazy. I think they are drunk. They have also been helping Katie rehearse.

Anyway we went camping. The nieces hadn’t ever gone camping and neither had I, so we were embarking upon the unknown. So the first part of camping is kind of like hiking except we don’t move. We sit around a fire and I get to eat pieces of hotdogs. The nieces play with me, I run around and pee on things, it’s pretty good. But then it got dark. I thought “ok, why are we still here”. And then the nieces got in a TENT (which is basically a suspended blanket you can sleep under) I started to get scared because Katie was still talking to other people by the fire. And then it got very late and I was very sleepy and we got in a TENT! We slept ON THE GROUND. It was awful. I hated it so much. I couldn’t believe it.

Then the nieces woke up at 5:00am and were loud. Katie and I didn’t get any good sleep. It was terrible, and so as soon as the car door opened in the morning I jumped in. It was several hours before they packed up the cars, but I stood in the car and wagged my tail until I convinced everyone it was time to go home and go to bed.