An Intruder

IMG_7583 2

Katie left me home alone the other day. This happens sometimes but it’s ok because she always comes back. It’s my job to protect our house from intruders while she is away. But today was so crazy! A person came in the house! I have no idea how they got in. But they weren’t mean and they didn’t try to take any of the stuff. Much confused. At first I barked viciously, as it is my duty to do so, but then they offered me treats! I couldn’t help myself. I ate the treats. Then they pet me and scratched me! I was pretty sure this person broke in just to be my friend! They even put my harness on and we went for a walk. I was astonished when they picked up my poop like Katie does! After a very pleasant walk with my new friend, (where I pooped many times to test their loyalty) they brought me home and left without a sign they were ever there. It was crazy.

When Katie came home, I wanted so badly to tell her about my crazy day, but I guess she’ll never know.

Author: Cheeto Toupin

I'm a boy dog. My mom is Katie Toupin. She rescued me when I was a year and a half old from a shelter. (my first family didn't love me because I bark) I love my life with Katie! We have all kinds of fun! People always are asking "What is it?" so she got a "DNA TEST" for me. It told us I was a Chihuahua/Pomeranian + Chihuahua/Boykin Spaniel so now we know what to say when people ask what it is!

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