Katie and I went on a very exciting adventure recently. The worst part about the adventures we go on is the “TRAVEL” . Let me tell you about “TRAVEL”. On the first day we took a car, to an escalator, to building with tons of people, to an airplane, to another building with tons of people,  then a train, to another airplane, to an escalator, to a car. And that was just the FIRST day. Then we took a car to Katie’s rehearsal. That’s when the craziest thing happened! Jenny showed up! But then Jenny took me away from Katie and the rehearsal. (Jenny is my mom when Katie goes on tour) Then we got in Jenny’s car. Then I slept at her house but there was ANOTHER DOG THERE. Can you believe that? I leave for a year and another dog is there. His name is Pele and I don’t know how I feel about him. I can see he makes Jenny very happy but that makes me even more upset. I get carried away with my emotions sometimes. Anyways, then some time passed. It was either like a day or a month or two… I can’t tell because I’m a dog. Then Katie came and picked me up! Then another car. Then lots of car rides around to various people in our old home-town.  That was cool because I got to smell some people and places I forgot existed. Then we had to do the car, escalator, building, airplane, building, train, airplane, building, escalator, car thing again. I don’t know why we travel. It’s kind of terrible. But I do it for Katie. I’d do anything for Katie.

Check out these photos of the TRAVEL

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I’ve also included a photo of my new…friend? Pele.

IMG_2054 3


Author: Cheeto Toupin

I'm a boy dog. My mom is Katie Toupin. She rescued me when I was a year and a half old from a shelter. (my first family didn't love me because I bark) I love my life with Katie! We have all kinds of fun! People always are asking "What is it?" so she got a "DNA TEST" for me. It told us I was a Chihuahua/Pomeranian + Chihuahua/Boykin Spaniel so now we know what to say when people ask what it is!

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