I’m Awkward

When I get an uncomfortable hint of attention, I have found a solution. Mom calls it a “tick”. I move my mouth around and pretend yawn. I lick my lips.. that sort of thing. Mouth stuff.  I pretend like I’m preoccupied with that so that the people don’t know how uncomfortable I am. I do this with long stares, when the humans are interacting in ways I don’t understand, when the cameras come out… it works in pretty much in any scenario that makes me the slightest bit uncomfortable.


Katie and I went on a very exciting adventure recently. The worst part about the adventures we go on is the “TRAVEL” . Let me tell you about “TRAVEL”. On the first day we took a car, to an escalator, to building with tons of people, to an airplane, to another building with tons of people,  then a train, to another airplane, to an escalator, to a car. And that was just the FIRST day. Then we took a car to Katie’s rehearsal. That’s when the craziest thing happened! Jenny showed up! But then Jenny took me away from Katie and the rehearsal. (Jenny is my mom when Katie goes on tour) Then we got in Jenny’s car. Then I slept at her house but there was ANOTHER DOG THERE. Can you believe that? I leave for a year and another dog is there. His name is Pele and I don’t know how I feel about him. I can see he makes Jenny very happy but that makes me even more upset. I get carried away with my emotions sometimes. Anyways, then some time passed. It was either like a day or a month or two… I can’t tell because I’m a dog. Then Katie came and picked me up! Then another car. Then lots of car rides around to various people in our old home-town.  That was cool because I got to smell some people and places I forgot existed. Then we had to do the car, escalator, building, airplane, building, train, airplane, building, escalator, car thing again. I don’t know why we travel. It’s kind of terrible. But I do it for Katie. I’d do anything for Katie.

Check out these photos of the TRAVEL

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I’ve also included a photo of my new…friend? Pele.

IMG_2054 3



Last week, Katie had “SURGERY”. I’m not sure what that means but she smelled like pain and so it was my job to be a good boy.

One of the perks of “SURGERY” is we are staying at our friends house with “AIR CONDITIONING”, which means it stays spring inside even when it’s summer outside. I like “AIR CONDITIONING”.

Another perk is MOM came in town. That is the person Katie calls MOM. (Which I agree is quiet confusing) I have no idea how she found us all the way from Kentucky but she did.

Katie said the “SURGERY” was for a medical issue that wasn’t all that serious. But I could tell she was afraid to got to the vet just like me. But she went and when she came back she was in pain. Her face said so. She has been sleeping a lot since then. We don’t take a lot of walks, and dad has done most everything for both of us. She takes pills that make her act funny, but every day she is getting back to normal. Here are some photos of me being a good boy.


Here’s how it goes.

The human settle into my bed. I spread out on the couch. Everyone falls asleep.

Then, I get a little lonely. A little cold. I’m ready for some contact.

I jump on the bed. The foot area works.

But then I’m kicked.

So I move up, laying up against a back or a tummy. Then someone rolls over.

I then move to where my back end is up against one human and my front end is up against another human. Double contact. It’s nice. I like to spread out. The humans are on the edge and make a secure border for me to sleep between.

Then I get a little cold and nestle up in the pillow area until one of the humans wakes up enough to let me under the blankets. Then I shift around a few times until I’m in just the right spot. It’s tricky to find just the right spot. I can’t see in there.

Then we all snuggle for a while like this.

Then the alarm happens.

And thats how it goes. Thats how we all get a restful nights sleep and are ready for a new day.

Studio Session

A few days ago, Katie recorded a new song. We went to the studio. I’m familiar with the studio even though I hadn’t been to this particular one before. I knew my spot would be a couch in the control room. This where I can stay and people can pet me with they have nothing else to do. It’s actually really boring. Here are some photos of that.


They Lost Me

Last week, Katie had a show. I knew she had a show because she took all the stuff in the house that makes noise and put it in the car. While she was gone, an intruder came. If you follow my blog, you know I’m used to intruders. They wear the same thing that says “WAG” and they take me for a walk and pick up my poop and then take me home.

Well this intruder didn’t put my harness on. And while we were on our walk, I panicked. I realized that I needed to find Katie immediately and tell her that this intruder didn’t put my harness on. So I slipped out of my collar and I ran. I ran as fast as I could and the intruder couldn’t catch me. But I was scared. Because without my collar and without Katie, no one knows who I am. And then there were cars. And they were big and I was dodging them. But I kept running. Until I found a garage and I ran inside and hid. But a guy on a skateboard followed me into the garage and picked me up and took me to his house. I didn’t have my collar so he didn’t know my NAME or that I live with Katie. So we got to his house and he took my photo and said he posted it on the internet. This is the photo:


Moments later I heard the skateboard guy talking on the phone to a WAG intruder. And then a little while later dad came. He said Katie did a good job at her show but had to stay there and that she was so worried about me.

Dad put me in the car and he said I smelled like poop… I may have had an accident while I was running around the cars. So I got a bath:

And then Katie came home and we snuggled all night.




Recently, Katie made me sit with her in front of the “CAMERA” which has an annoying flashy thingy. Soon after we started, I made sure I looked as sad as dogly possibly.

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So then she gave me treats and got my frog out and then we did fun stuff. I have no idea why we do these things. I can only assume its because I’m a massive celebrity.