The Fitness

A lot of days, Katie and I go to the “GYM” that Homer owns. The “GYM” is where humans pick up stuff and put stuff back down. Humans also move around in other funny ways at the “GYM”. I don’t know why they do it but I don’t know why humans do most things. Like take baths all the time. And keep their food so high up. Well, anyway, they call all of that moving around the “FITNESS”.  When Katie is doing the “FITNESS”,  I like to play with my friend Shadow who hangs out there.

Shadow’s kind is a Black Labrador. I don’t know what my kind is. I’d have to check the DNA test Katie got me…

It is very strange because when I met Shadow, he was smaller than me. Then every time I saw him, he’d get bigger. And now he is very big. It is remarkable. I wonder if I have gotten bigger before and I haven’t noticed? Or maybe I’m getting smaller? It is very strange. He’s not very fast and he falls over a lot, but he still has more energy than me. By the end of Katie doing the “FITNESS”, I just let him chew on my face until Katie wants to go home.

Katie is always happy after doing the “FITNESS”.  She smells funny but she’s always happy. I like it when Katie is happy.

An Intruder

IMG_7583 2

Katie left me home alone the other day. This happens sometimes but it’s ok because she always comes back. It’s my job to protect our house from intruders while she is away. But today was so crazy! A person came in the house! I have no idea how they got in. But they weren’t mean and they didn’t try to take any of the stuff. Much confused. At first I barked viciously, as it is my duty to do so, but then they offered me treats! I couldn’t help myself. I ate the treats. Then they pet me and scratched me! I was pretty sure this person broke in just to be my friend! They even put my harness on and we went for a walk. I was astonished when they picked up my poop like Katie does! After a very pleasant walk with my new friend, (where I pooped many times to test their loyalty) they brought me home and left without a sign they were ever there. It was crazy.

When Katie came home, I wanted so badly to tell her about my crazy day, but I guess she’ll never know.

I’m Cheeto

I’m called Cheeto. I was born in a place called “ARIZONA”. My first family called me Cheeto but said they didn’t want me any more because “he barks too much.” One day, they took me to a very loud, awful place with lots of other dogs in cages. I was put in a cage, and I never saw my first family again. I was very sad.

The first day I met my new mom was at the loud, awful place. I was a year and a half old. I was curled up in the back of my cage. My new mom peaked in and said, “It looks like a fox!” (people say this to me from time to time and I have no idea what they are talking about) She opened the cage and picked me up. I was so happy to not be in there any more! I remember nuzzling into her. I was trying to be as cute possible hoping it would convince her not to put me back. And it worked! I soon found out my new moms name was Katie and we were going to be best friends forever.

One of first things Katie and I did together was ride on a big “AIRPLANE”. It was the scariest thing ever. I tried to run away but there was nowhere to go! Everyone seemed so calm but I was sure we were all going to die! The only good part was lots of people told me how cute I was so that made the whole thing better.

When we got back to where Katie lived, a place called “KENTUCKY”, it was so cold. I had never felt cold before and I didn’t really like it. But I liked Katie and never wanted her to leave me. But she did end up leaving me. All the time actually. She would go on “TOUR” and I’d stay with Jenny and Mark. At first I was sad because I thought I’d never see Katie again. But then she came back! She always came back. And it was ok because I got to have two families! I love Jenny and Mark.

Eventually Katie stopped going on “TOUR” so much and I stopped staying with Jenny and Mark as often. One day Katie and I got on an airplane (which I am not scared of any more because sometimes we’d go on “VACATION” and I realized we never died) and went to a place called “CALIFORNIA”. The craziest part is all of our things from “KENTUCKY” were here when we arrived! I have no idea how our things found us. It was insane.

Now we live here in “CALIFORNIA” and it’s the best. And I have a dad now too, his name is Homer. Every day is a new adventure, and I have no idea what’s coming next, but I’m super excited to share with you all the fun stuff I do.