Studio Dog


Sometimes I got with Katie to the “STUDIO”.  I like going because there’s always someone with nothing to do and I can convince them to play with me.

Parts of the the “STUDIO” aren’t as fun. Katie is always going into the other room and leaving me in the “CONTROL ROOM”.  I get worried when Katie goes into the other room. But I can hear her singing still so I know she’s alive. I get very confused because it sounds like she’s singing right next to me but I KNOW she’s in another place. Humans definitely have magical powers. Katie does anyway, I don’t know about all humans.

But most of the time at the studio I sleep or people play the with me when they are bored. They always say, “Cheeto is such a good studio dog!”. It’s funny to me because I don’t know how you could be bad at it. All you have to do is act like you normally do. But being yourself doesn’t come naturally to everyone I guess. Counting my blessing.



The suitcase means change. Sometimes the suitcase means going on an airplane. Sometimes it means going to Kentucky and sometimes it means going to New York. Sometimes the suitcase means spending the night with my friend Greta and not seeing Katie for a day. But sometimes it means not seeing Katie for a month. It’s really hard to know. Katie packs a lot of clothes no matter what.


People ask me a lot, “What kind is it?” We used to say “I don’t know” a lot, so Katie got the DNA test for me! Now we know what kind it is!!

Chihuahua/Pomeranian + Chihuahua/Boykin Spaniel = me!

Below are pictures of what my grandparents could look like!

Doing Writing

Katie is home all of the time these days. She is always doing “WRITING”. Doing “WRITING” is this:

We wake up and we go outside to check for prowlers. Katie gets mad when I see them and I yell at them. (I don’t know how she stays so calm. There are other DOGS on our sidewalk!) I always have to poop in the morning and then Katie picks it up and tells me I’m a good boy. I’m a good boy.

Then we come back and she drinks “COFFEE”. I guess she’s a good boy too. Then I get comfortable on the couch and makes sure no one breaks in for the rest of the morning. Katie picks up her guitar and also “SINGS”. “SINGS” is when humans make longer sounds than the yapping they normally do. It’s much more like howling.

Sometimes Katie scribbles lots of marks on the paper and sometimes not many marks. Sometimes Katie only “SINGS” and has her guitar for a few minutes and then wanders from room to room. Sometimes Katie cleans the kitchen when she’s doing “WRITING”. It gets a little confusing because she cleans the kitchen other times too…I’m not sure it’s part of doing “WRITING”…maybe I actually don’t know what doing “WRITING” is…I’m a dog.

The Fitness

A lot of days, Katie and I go to the “GYM” that Homer owns. The “GYM” is where humans pick up stuff and put stuff back down. Humans also move around in other funny ways at the “GYM”. I don’t know why they do it but I don’t know why humans do most things. Like take baths all the time. And keep their food so high up. Well, anyway, they call all of that moving around the “FITNESS”.  When Katie is doing the “FITNESS”,  I like to play with my friend Shadow who hangs out there.

Shadow’s kind is a Black Labrador. I don’t know what my kind is. I’d have to check the DNA test Katie got me…

It is very strange because when I met Shadow, he was smaller than me. Then every time I saw him, he’d get bigger. And now he is very big. It is remarkable. I wonder if I have gotten bigger before and I haven’t noticed? Or maybe I’m getting smaller? It is very strange. He’s not very fast and he falls over a lot, but he still has more energy than me. By the end of Katie doing the “FITNESS”, I just let him chew on my face until Katie wants to go home.

Katie is always happy after doing the “FITNESS”.  She smells funny but she’s always happy. I like it when Katie is happy.